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BN Welding Ltd offer a full site structural welding service with coded site welders carrying out welds in all positions, we are fully mobile with inverters & generator welding sets, we also carry out cutting with gas, saw and abrasive discs whatever is required.

Most structural projects being full or part fabricated of steel will at some time require a welder so it is vital to get in contact with a company like ours to carry out the welding tasks quickly and accurately.

Existing buildings are a problem in themselves as a steel being used/welded may be being introduced next to timber joists which are bone dry so we would advocate a fire watchman be on standby all the time the welding process is being carried out and have several fire checks after the welding has been finished generally 2 checks at 30 minutes.

We are fully aware of the hazards of welding regarding fires and electrocution, our welders are fully trained to look over the work area and assist in the protection or removal of items that could be damaged or be of a combustible nature we know that everything burns under the perfect conditions and with modern construction materials being introduced all the time as fire resistant/retardant we view everything as flammable.

The electrodes we use are job specific but always the best quality available.
All welds can be site tested when required by our qualified independent welding inspector.

We are proud of the level of service we offer our clients so whether you are anywhere between DIY and large scale developments/redevelopments at commercial or industrial level please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and see how we could help.