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Steel Erecting

BN Welding Ltd can offer you brains, brawn, enthusiasm, experience and the correct equipment with RAMS to carry out your installation/repairs etc.

We are qualified NVQ L3 & L2 Steel Erectors who can carry out the most complicated of works but in the main we work for and assist builders with their works where time is the enemy, we have been doing this a long time and are pretty good at it. We would be pleased to give you references and/or testimonials regarding our works.

We regard the Health and Safety of our teams along with others on site and the safety of the general public our highest priority and would highlight any irregularities we find before and during the installation/repairs to the site management no matter how large or small the site may be, all our erectors/welders are CPCS compliant, trained and refreshed throughout our working lives with BN Welding Ltd.

We can and do use mobile cranes, slinger/signaller but much of this work is carried out under Contract Lift where the crane company provides an Appointed Person and Crane Supervisor to control the lift using their insurances should anything go amiss.  

Contact our office today for more information. Our service is designed to be as flexible as possible so we will work around you to ensure the needs of your project are met.