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BN Welding Ltd. has a capability to drill holes in steelwork from 3mm up to a massive 200mm in diameter and tapping holes in steels to 52mm diameter, all sizes within these ranges.

BN Welding Ltd. Can offer a full Connection Design with Calculations, Method Statement, Risk Assessment, drilling and coded welding package.

The size of holes that are drilled for structural fixings are determined and requested by the engineer and are of are relatively small in size compared to Service Holes that take pipework, ductwork and electrical works, these too should have to be considered by an engineer. These service holes may also require stiffeners to be welded in to strengthen the steel member drilled these should also be considered by an Engineer all to be Designed and Calculated for building & project safety.

BN Welding Ltd. Have drilling machines of all sizes and use techniques to get into the most inaccessible of places and can drill twin/triple beams from one side when access is not available both sides of a beam set up. Some of the machines we have are rather large and heavy so generally a site visit to make sure we can safely access and protect the work area would be advisable; there is no charge for this visit or a no obligation quotation.

BN Welding Ltd. Is happy to discuss any requirements from Architects, Design Engineers, Surveyors, Managers or Buyers in the Engineering / Service industries where the site drilling of service holes are required.